Health and Safety Building Site Induction Video

I have made two Video Productions for the building industry recently. Both were Health and Safety Building Site Induction Videos, as by law, any construction worker that enters a new site has to do a health and safety induction before they can work on that site. A quick and simple way to get someone through an induction is to sit them down and watch a video followed by a simple question and answer session. This doesn’t tie up a site manager and is an efficient way to get this done. I was the lighting cameraman on this shoot.

This particular shoot took two days to film plus two days to edit and with the help of site employees we were able to simulate many H&S scenarios. This video was embedded into a power point presentation has has been used successfully to induct new employees. This a good example of how a video production can help inform and educate people without too much hassle.

For this shoot I again used my Sony PDW350.

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  2. Brian Combellack

    Could you provide me with a quote for a site induction video please.

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